Wedding Day On “Tamra’s OC Wedding”

Tamra & Eddie

Julius Michael & His Girl's

Julius Michael & His Girl’s


Julius Getting Tamra Ready

Seconds away From becoming Mrs.Judge

Seconds away From becoming Mrs.Judge


Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour


Here Comes the Bride….So today really is the “Big” day – Tamra and Eddie are getting married  - and in true Julius fashion I’m going to finish part two of my behind-the-scenes experience of being part of “Tamra’s OC Wedding” just in time!


Picture the scene:  with only seconds to go before Tamra walks down the aisle, I’m pinning up her hair on one side, clipping in hair jewelry, spraying beach wave spray and creating a soft sexy bombshell beach look for her…  and then she is walking down the grand staircase and Eddie gets his first look at his bride.


I had the privilege to experience this from above and catch it on my phone which I will post after tonight’s episode on my personal Instagram, JuliusMichael1, and our salon Instagram, JuliusMichaelSalon.

It was pure magic and totally surreal!


We made it through the ceremony and next up is her second look.  So we race up to the bridal suite with cameras keeping up and I start removing the clip-ins I had put in… adding longer hair… curling and clipping…  while Tamra is changing into her second dress with a more Gatsby look to it.  I take down the curls and brush out her hair and we race back down to the wedding.


The next two hours were all about eating, drinking, and dancing.


The table settings had the most incredible centerpieces I have ever seen.


The cake was gorgeousness suspended from the ceiling with big diamonds and pearls – it looked like art that you just want to stare at and not eat.


The guests were all having a blast because most of us knew each other. Tamra and Eddie kept the wedding small and intimate so there weren’t a lot of unknown people.


Her fellow and former castmates from RHOC all had a great time and I hope you’ll see Jim Bellino take the stage and show all of us his funny musical side. (Fingers crossed they keep it in!)


Next up is the big dance that Eddie wanted Tamra to learn and with that dance came her last look of the night.


We race up to the bridal suite again and Tamra changes into her mini dress to dance the cha cha.  Instead of removing the clip-in extensions I had used for the longer look, I added shorter clip-ins that I had curled earlier.  But at this point there was no room so I had to piggyback the clip-ins onto the ones I already had on Tamra’s head.


I pinned up the center of her  hair and made the sides and back full and sexy for her Big Dance with her Husband.


Tamra rocked this look and worked that dance floor – for having two left feet and never dancing salsa or cha cha she was awesome!


This look, the full sexy hair, center pulled back ,sides big and full, was my favorite look of the night – fun, simple and clean. A party look, a beach look, a shopping look, a look you can use for anything – even your wedding!


What a night!  Here’s a toast to a happy future for Tamra and Eddie – so glad to have been a part of their special time!


Happily Ever After…….The End.


Tamra’s OC Wedding

Today is the big day… well, not exactly the “BIG” day,  but it is the premiere of Tamra’s OC Wedding on Bravo TV.  Everyone will now have the opportunity to take the walk down the aisle with Tamra!   I’m so happy that Tamra chose Julius Michael Scarsdale to do her hair for her big day.


You will see a few different looks I created personally for Tamra and Eddie for their joint bachelorette/bachelor parties in the always-exciting  Las Vegas.   One of my favorite looks was a night out of fun and gambling where I used my “Julius Michael custom extensions” to make Tamra’s hair big and full – you’ll see it on one of the first three episodes.   I also love the simple look I did for her pool party,  once again adding my hair extensions and creating soft curls that I brushed out and then pulled the center back.  Sexy, young and fresh.


For Tamra’s rehearsal dinner I added  Julius Michael custom clip-in hair extensions and used a deep waver,   then created a braid starting on the left side all around to just behind her right ear and let the rest of her hair hang over.  Tamra and I were a little nervous about this look because it could be hit or miss but seeing the look in previews, Tamra rocked it!!  I can’t wait to share with the world this style I created five minutes before we had to leave. That braid was so last minute – we were not feeling or loving the waves and with no time left I said shut up, sit down, and trust me!   I hope you’ll let me know what you think when you see the episode –  in the comments below.


After Vegas I had three weeks to plan Tamra’s wedding day style that I  would need to change in seconds into three different looks to go with her three different gowns.


Of course in true Julius style I never prepared and flew out to OC not knowing what I was going to do on one of most anticipated brides of the year.  We joked all week about deciding what I was going to do the morning of.   So we get through rehearsal dinner and the next morning is the wedding day.   We arrive at the St. Regis Hotel with not a clue as to what to do.  Cameras arrive , Vicki and Heather arrive, and I have to work on them too!


Shaking, I start doing Tamra’s hair and she says I want soft beach-style waves, nothing OC looking.  Then I’m handed the hair jewelry with no clips or combs to attach it to her hair!   WTF, now I’m freaking out!  I clip in my hair extensions and I start curling and clipping up the hair to set while she gets her makeup done.


I start blowing out Vicki and her hair is frizzing as I’m drying it.  Really, is this happening to me?  Thank God for my little detailing flat iron because I used it on every piece of Vicki’s hair and added a little bounce to her ends and her hair was perfect all day and night long.


Next up was Heather Dubrow.  All I did was add Julius Michael custom clip-in hair extensions that I made just for her with ombre ends that I dyed two days before heading out to OC.  I flat ironed the extensions and Heather’s hair and added some bounce only on her ends and she looked amazing:  young,  fresh and super sexy.


Now Tamra is ready for me to finish up and production is telling me I have less then ten minutes to finish. OMG!  So I decide to clip the side up and  use bobby pins to secure the hair jewelry.  I  drop her curls  and use my fingers to break them up and style them into place.  I prayed  throughout the whole ceremony that the hair jewelry would not fall out on camera!!

Come back next week when I post the other half of my experience on Tamra’s OC Wedding… and don’t forget to watch!image image image image imageimage

Hair Care using the perfect products

Big Hair We spend lots of time talking about products. Trying different product lines.

Spending hundreds of dollars or just spending $5. Well in my most recent research I wanted to find a product that I loved not just caused it smells good or looks beautiful. I wanted to love what the perfect products was made from—and I found it.

It was built on love, on a dream, on a desire that I and everyone I know in my work has—the desire to create sexy beautiful glamorous hair.

When a hair care line is created it’s usually done in a lab by scientist who has never done hair—never did a blowout, never touched damaged hair. But when a hair care product line is created by someone who does hair, someone who knows what we truly need then perfection is created.

Oribe Hair Care is a line created by the “Master Of Hair Himself,”Oribe. My mentor, and past boss. When I worked for Oribe he had only created the Original Pomade. Fast forward a few years. Throw in a little research at the La Mer and La Prairie labs in Switzerland, add some Valentino design to the packaging mix—and you have perfection in the most beautiful bottles.

Ranging in price from affordable to a treat. The treat being it’s loaded with the most amount of amino acids and mother of pearl. Yes, I said mother of pearl!!! It gives shine like you would not believe.

With only five types of lines you won’t go crazy with mixing and matching or finding what’s going to work best for you. The most important thing I found out was that although a product is sulfate free, that doesn’t really mean it’s good for your hair or your keratin. If it’s sodium free then that’s really good for your hair. It’s the sodium in products that cause damage not so much the sulfates.

A good shampoo will only take a dime size to lather up and clean your hair. If your using a shampoo, and it takes a large amount to lather up—then throw it out. It’s loaded with fillers so the real product is less then half the bottle. That’s the problem with most product lines today they are loaded with fillers so the company spends less money to make more profit and less care about your hair.

I also found out that if a product cost a lot and smells great, but doesn’t really do a great job—then your expensive product was a bottle of perfume. I can’t stress enough hair important your hair care is. Your hair is your crown of glory. It’s your signature in life. So treat it as that. I have always and will always speak from my heart when I give my advice. It is extremely important what you do and how you maintain your mane.

Reds Heads Taken Over? Celebrity Stylist Julius Michael Gives His Opinion

I have written a lot about color. Summer color, summer highlights. Fall color, winter blondes, Spring browns.

But the color I’ve been creating and seeing a lot of is…red.

Seems like the red head is taking over, from Marcia Cross red to Debra Messing auburn red. Red is the power color. It’s like sexy fire ragging off your head.

I love turning my blondes to strawberry blondes. You can maintain the blonde while adding sexy hues of light pale red. I’ve been adding a little papaya to my white blondes and it’s pure love. That little change is just the right touch without being too drastic.

The ash browns are long gone, having been taken over by the warm browns. Add a few low lights or a dark red glaze to dull brown hair, and now you’re a smoking hot bombshell.

Hair in my opinion is like your wardrobe—wear it a few times and hang it up.

Who wears the same top for a whole year? Then why would you wear the same hair for a year? With no change?

It’s boring and you’re not!

I just turned my light auburn client to dark rich ombré auburn and changed her whole look. To the point that she asked me not to color anyone else like her color since three of her friends came into my salon for a new look after her hair premiere!

I know change is scary and no one wants to go for a hair color that makes you look completely different. But girls, you have to trust a little bit that when your stylist wants to a add a little change it’s not to make you look or feel bad, it’s to make you look that much hotter and make you feel so much better. Your stylist knows!

I have a feeling this winter is going to be a very cold  so brace yourself and liven up that dull blonde to a sexy strawberry, brighten up your ash brown and become a fabulous warm red head!

Live it up— new you, new do!

The “Real” of Reality Tv “Real Housewives Of New Jersey”

So the time has finally come. The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion is here.

Everyone who watches and loves the show is anticipating there will be fighting, brawling, name calling, and crying.


And guess what? That’s exactly what you’re going to get.


But what you won’t see are the real tears that fell after the camera stopped rolling. The real friendships that ended.  The real family that was left holding pieces of what once was. The questions that were left unanswered.


Was the hour’s filming dramatic?  I was there – I can tell you of course it was.  But it was also painful to watch, because at one time this group of ladies were family and friends – real family and real friends – but now they’re just fighting to stay relevant. Fighting to prove a point.  Fighting over camera time, Fighting over hearsay and bullshit.


Is the 15 minutes of fame worth all the heartache? Is it worth ending a friendship? Tearing a family apart?


Does it make sense to encourage “teams” of followers who don’t know these people to take sides and rip families and former friends apart?


And is it worth the pain to have real children be part of the reality tv mess and call it entertainment?


No matter how much wetry to shield our children they still will hear about it. They will see it.  They will have to live things that they don’t truly understand, over and over.  And if you’re “lucky” and it’s caught on film they will have it for the rest of their lives to see, to hear  their real aunts or cousins call each other names. To see a friendship that at one time was great fall apart and have hate take over.


Is this really the example we’re willing to set for our children?


Is it ok to have fans judge you, your friends or your family over a one hour episode of reality tv? To attack a family member personally and publicly over her sexual preference and encourage the madness – but never once trying to end it?


I suppose in a way it is ok, because it’s what everyone signed up for.  But what they didn’t sign up for was all the hurt, all the pain,  all the embarrassment that follows along.


I personally know every Housewife from the show – not all of them very well, but well enough to make my own judgment.


And I can say this with a clear mind. The names that the fans are calling them, the hate that is being put out on Twitter and Facebook and all of the blogs are so mean, so hurtful – so unfair and so unthinking.


Before you actually judge any of these ladies, you’d have to meet them. Don’t just pick your favorite. Meet all of them, then make your judgment. Because just watching one hour of tv a week does not give you -  or anyone – the right to call someone a dyke, afat ass, a clown, an alcoholic or any of the other nasty comments out there.


These are real women who have real feelings. They’re not actresses playing a role – it’s real life, real family, real friends. Real tears and real heartache.


Because I am personally involved, it hurts me to read all the negative things being put out. All the rumors about the reunion… and half of them aren’t even true. What should be known is how upset everyone was. How one of them was crying so much no one knew what to do. How a grown man was sitting at a table like a zombie with tears in his eyes all night. How a cousin was so sick she couldn’t catch her breath. Watching a grown woman become a child in front of my eyes crushed me.


What you won’t see Sunday is all of the hurt  and all of the heartache.


I hope this makes sense to just one person, because one less name called – or one less hateful comment – means you read beyond the bullshit, beyond the fake blogs. It means that you got in touch with realreality and understood that one hour of entertainment to us is a lifetime to them.

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