So today really is the “Big” day – Tamra and Eddie are getting married – and in true Julius fashion I’m going to finish part two of my behind-the-scenes experience of being part of “Tamra’s OC Wedding” just in time!

Picture the scene: with only seconds to go before Tamra walks down the aisle, I’m pinning up her hair on one side, clipping in hair jewelry, spraying beach wave spray and creating a soft sexy bombshell beach look for her… and then she is walking down the grand staircase and Eddie gets his first look at his bride.

I had the privilege to experience this from above and catch it on my phone which I will post after tonight’s episode on my personal Instagram, JuliusMichael1, and our salon Instagram, JuliusMichaelSalon.

It was pure magic and totally surreal!

We made it through the ceremony and next up is her second look. So we race up to the bridal suite with cameras keeping up and I start removing the clip-ins I had put in… adding longer hair… curling and clipping… while Tamra is changing into her second dress with a more Gatsby look to it. I take down the curls and brush out her hair and we race back down to the wedding. The next two hours were all about eating, drink- ing, and dancing.

The table settings had the most incredible centerpieces I have ever seen.

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