A Brooklyn/Manhattan native and graduate of Long Island Beauty School, Michael’s first job was at Joseph Martin in Manhattan on Madison Avenue. Even though Julius loves Manhattan he had a love for the suburbs in Westchester, NY. Today, Julius comes on to the Social Scene with JZ to discuss his amazing life experiences and how he has manifested an incredible life for himself to the stars and in Scarsdale, NY.

Fun Fact: When Julius was offered a hairstylist position at Joseph Martin, the owner asked him “If you could change your name to anything what would it be?”  At the time, Julius was reading a book by Dominick Dunn called “An Inconvenient Woman.” One of the characters names was “Julius Mendelson.” He loved the character so much and her name was so suitable because it was “rich and powerful.” One thing led to another and since that day he has continued to be called “Julius Michael.”

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